Each company wishing to be successful must have not only a good strategy, but first and foremost, it must have capacity to actually complete the strategy. The bigger the organisation, the more difficult it is to achieve. How can you give a common direction to the activities of different organisational units? How can you make all the employees, at all positions do what is optimal for the whole company?

Coming forward to the needs of the market and wishing to improve the offer and activities of the KABAT Company, in 2005 we introduced the Balanced Score Card (BSC), as a tool used to translate strategy into specific actions. Introducing BSC, we defined the most important and optimum parameters for our company, allow managing the company on the basis of specific data.

The Balanced Score Card is an efficient tool of strategy completion which ensures numerous benefits: it helps assign specific values to generally formulated strategic aims, it is a simple tool of communicating strategic aims to employees, it facilitates results evaluation, it helps relate remuneration to aims completion and allows controlling the effects of actions which could not even be measured earlier. The Balanced Score Card is one of the most up-to-date tools of company management and it places KABAT Company amongst the foremost companies efficiently completing its created strategy.