We are aware of the social responsibility of business and the benefits which the involvement can bring to the people in need. Apart from developing its own structures, KABAT is trying to act more widely to the community's benefit. First and foremost, we try to play an active part in the development of local communities. Our company has been supporting, mainly financially, a lot of associations, charity organisations and public utility institutions for years.

We were able to help among others the following:

· Wielkopolskie Centre of Help to the Neighbour MARKOT in Ro¿nowice

· Home for the Homeless and the Poorest MONAR-MARKOT in Go¶ciejewo

· Children's Friends Society (branch in Chodzie¿)

· Civic Foundation for Disabled Children and Children in Need in Chodzie¿

· Primary School and Junior Secondary School in Budzyñ

· IP Paderewski Municipal Junior Secondary School in Chodzie¿ – volleyball female players (photo)

· State Fire Brigade in Chodzie¿

KABAT Company is the best example of a company which was able to perfectly find its place in the age of globalisation and world trade and was also able to maintain its regional identity and attachment to the best traditions of "family business" at the same time.