A vision of conscientious and professional company which ensures full service of all needs in the field of rubber products is realised in practice. The superior aims of the KABAT Company are:

- to create an image of KABAT company as a reliable trade partner
- consolidation of the company trademark as a symbol of quality
- reduction of waste emission to the soil and water
- proper waster management which leads to constant reduction of its amount
- reduction of waste emission to the atmosphere
- reduction of the number of accidents at work
-constant improvement of work safety and hygiene

In co-operation with our employees we strive to improve the quality of our services and care for the environment, which is particularly important in our industry. The supreme aim of KABAT Company is to constantly identify and satisfy our customers' and employees' needs, as well as meeting all legal and other requirements valid for the company in terms of quality, environment protection and work safety and hygiene.

We are familiar with the ways of striving for the highest level of service quality – we invest both in our employees and in technologies. We try to meet our customers' needs to the highest degree by offering custom solutions and a wide range of products. Our employees' satisfaction clearly translates into high quality of products offered. Thus, our priorities are the following: customer satisfaction, employee motivation and environment protection. We constantly broaden our knowledge and competence in order to meet our customers' requirements in a professional way. For the purpose of our mission, we constantly modernise and extend the range of our products adjusting it to the new requirements of the market, and our experts are willing to solve all customers' problems and help our customers to fulfill their needs.