Budzyñ, which is situated in north Wielkopolska, 65 km north from Poznañ, is a locality where a lot of Polish companies producing goods for the motor or agriculture industry have located their headquarters since the eighties. Our company is also in this group; however, today the range of our customers also covers other industries, such as construction or modern distribution (markets).

During the period of several years our company – like many other respected companies in the whole world including IT tycoons – transformed itself from a small workshop into a big production plant which is efficiently managed and still developing. On the area of 3.5 hectares separated for activity, the production, warehouse and administration facilities occupy the area of 30.000 m2.

Operating on the rubber market since 1983, KABAT Company today has become a leader in inner tubes and flaps production on the European market. However, we are not satisfied with this niche market and as each year passes by we are appearing on other markets with a greater significance. Agricultural tyres, solid tyres, car rugs, rubber profiles, other moulded goods – a whole range for agriculture, construction, motor industries is constantly expanded – depending on customers' needs. Our own construction office and technology department enable us to prepare moulds for new products in a fast and economical way.

The production hall is equipped with two mixers lines with rolling mills, so we not only have become independent as far as deliveries of rubber compounds are concerned, but what is more, we have managed to become one of the most significant suppliers of this half-finished product to other production plants in the country and abroad.

The development of our company has been running along a few lines for years. On one hand, the continuous dynamic development of sales is also taking place by the means of expanding the number of recipients in the country and abroad, and also by permanent expansion of the range of offered goods, very often developed in co-operation with a specific customer. On the other hand, our company has been continually investing in machinery, facilities and software, and in what is most important for each employer investing in employees.

KABAT Company employs 900 people. Thanks to this we are one of the biggest employers in the region. Our staff are a carefully selected team of specialists both in the production field, as well as sales and company management.

Now we are selling to more than 90 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and both Americas