If you have any question:

North Poland: Agnieszka Bąk +48 67 28 34 156
South Poland: Eliza Szymczak +48 67 28 34 155

Functioning on the market for more than 20 years, our company has worked hard for its position of a leader on the market of inner tubes and guards, as well as a significant position in other sectors. It happened, to a large extent, thanks to well-developed distribution. KABAT sales representatives get with our products both to the first assembly (OEM) to producers of agricultural machines and tractors, as well as to the secondary market, to most tyre agricultural and motor industry wholesalers in the country. The chain of our recipients encompasses all district towns on the area of Poland.
Thanks to an accurate choice of logistic companies cooperating with us, most orders placed by our customers is completed within 48 hours. We also try to complete special orders (specific marking, long series, untypical sizes), which get to our production lines within one week.
Other groups of products reach our customers' production lines through specific means or directly to the lines (mixtures, washers) or to the so-called modern distribution, which means to the chains of hypermarkets (car rugs).
The whole of sales is supervised by the Sales Department of our company.