The environmental policy of KABAT Company included in the company's mission statement, assumes the introduction of such changes in the organisation owing to which the firm will be an example of a pro-ecology company, and its economic development will be equivalent with the ecological development.

We are not indifferent to the state of environment and the conditions in which the future generations will be living. Therefore, we make every possible effort to improve the state of environment in our close and more distant neighbourhood.

One of the first elements of this strategy was the introduction of selective waste segregation. The waste emission to water was reduced by the installation of a septic tank and a lamel separator, whereas the filters used considerably reduced the emission of waste to the atmosphere.

A recycling facility where rubber waste is turned into pellets started operation. The unique and highly advanced technology which we have at our disposal enables definitive solution of the problem of managing waste, which is later used for further production.

KABAT Company fulfils all legal requirements which are currently valid, which the permissions and decisions obtained confirm. We act in accordance with valid laws and environment protection norms, as well as internal company regulations. Currently, we are implementing an integrated management system which will take into account environmental protection according to the PN – EN ISO 14001: 2004 norm.