Assuring the best quality of products and at the same time providing all customers of KABAT Company with maximum satisfaction from using them is the basic task completed in our company. All products offered to recipients undergo full control before they are allowed to trade turnover. At each stage of production full quality control is performed. We want to provide our customers with checked products, made from the highest quality raw materials, which are safe and durable. Their adherence to established standards and our customers' requirements is checked.
Product control encompasses the following:
- laboratory tests of mixtures and products (in the case of mixtures sale, after conducting all laboratory tests, quality certificate, which is confirmation of meeting the customer's requirements, is issued)
- control of half-finished products at particular production stages concerning the adherence to the technological documentation (all data following from the control are monitored in the computer system and thoroughly analyzed)
- quality control of inner tubes and formed goods made by visual examination of each produced piece is performed at the quality control position, 100% of inner tubes and selected formed goods undergo control

During implementation of quality management system, a huge emphasis was put on self-control made whilst making particular operations by each operator according to the guidelines available on the working position – the technological documentation of the product.

Our customers started to ask us very often about requirements concerning usage and storage of inner tubes and flaps. In relation to this we decided to prepare Packing, storage and transport guidelines for inner tubes and flaps. These guidelines can be downloaded here.