We are making great efforts to develop the checked technologies and introduce new innovations which will result in an increase in efficiency, dependability and environmental protection in the technology of making rubber products.

Research and development are the tasks in our company which have been set before a few departments. First of all, it is the laboratory and precisely its department dealing with new mixtures developed together with customers. Each of these mixtures is developed individually depending on the customer's requirements. This department of the laboratory is also responsible for optimization of production processes in our company.

Our design office also deals with working on new projects. Experienced specialists can - adjusting to the customer's needs in the field of shape or size – develop models of new formed goods in a very short period. As well as aiming at expansion of the offer, increase of efficiency and prolonging the durability of our products, the research and development activity of the KABAT Company is also directed at care for environment cleanliness.

Not only our own design office but also our technology department, which are able to prepare almost any form for rubber products, give us huge flexibility as far as implementation time is concerned.

All these elements cause the fact that not only quality but also service measured with the time necessary for development and putting into operation of new products are the advantages with which KABAT Company gains its customers' satisfaction.